Part 1: Christine Grosart

Quarantine Q&A Part 1: Christine Grosart

At Divecrew, we have started a video series called Quarantine Q&A, where we aim to quiz various inspirational divers, to keep everyone’s morale up during lockdown. This is a difficult time for divers, while we are land-based, but we hope that this series will help tide the time until we can get to the sea again and provide you all with some interesting and inspiring content.

Part 1: of the series, we interviewed Christine Grosart, a front line Paramedic, based in Somerset. She is also an Offshore & Diver Medic, working in the North Sea on vessels and gas platforms, a fully accredited level 2 cave diver and an underwater photographer for Ghost Fishing UK. She also set a new women’s cave diving record in 2009 after she visited Wookey Hole Cave. Here is what she had to say: