The Holy Grail

The Holy Grail of scuba is BUOYANCY.

Our lead Master Instructor teaches four different agencies and states, ‘Not one agency has it completely correct’. So he has taken the best of each agency and created a bespoke Perfect Buoyancy Course.  Having run the course a number of times I generally take 50% of a divers weight off them. Most divers are completely over weighted. Being over weighted affects trim, affects breathing and air consumption.

A number of divers join the course because they have to end their dive early, compared to others. They generally come into the dive centre and ask for bigger cylinders or twin sets. This is not fixing the problem. Get to the root cause and fix that first.

If divers have good buoyancy the diving is much more enjoyable. Problems, if encountered, are much easier to deal with. It is a cycle that either works in the divers favour, or if wrong, works against the diver.

The course starts with information being sent to the diver, good solid and informative. It covers, kit, it covers breathing, it covers weighting and fin action. The course it self is run in a pool, generally 3.5 metres deep or 4 metres deep. Not being forced into open water means in the UK, we can accommodate holiday divers. Being pool based and shallower makes buoyancy more of a challenge where weighting and technique are most important.

Air consumption is exacerbated by poor breathing technique, poor fin action and poor buoyancy. Previously being a professional sportsman, we used video analysis all the timer. Perfect Buoyancy also uses video. In the water, some divers think they are doing X, but actually they are doing Y.

Divers are put through their paces and given ideas and exercises to go away with to make continuous improvements are undertake more practice.

Perfect Buoyancy Course being pool based can make a terrific Christmas present. The indoor heated pools mean the course can be scheduled any time of year. Interested? Contact the dive centre now 01344 771113.



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