Dive Master – the first level of Professional Diver.

Every dive centre will say they are DIFFERENT. Divecrew certainly is. Our Trainee Dive Masters are not dive slaves. No, we are all part of a TEAM. Gone are the days where the instructors sit drinking tea whilst Trainee Dive Masters load the van with kit. At Divecrew not only will you see senior instructors pitching in, you will also see the owners. We are a TEAM.

The second thing that makes Divecrew different is we do not prefer to undertake role play. Our Trainees are valuable. Our trainees are taught to Instructor standard. Working in a real Team. Working with real clients. Supporting instructors on real courses.

The Primary Role of a Dive Master is a safety diver to the Instructor. If as a senior instructor I am in trouble and need a Dive Master to get me out of it, I do not want the average Dive Master. I want to the best!!

Obviously some candidates just want the Dive Master title. We are cool with that. We will fast track candidates meeting the basic PADI standard’s. It is not a problem.

HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE? Well this depends on how much time you can commit. If working to the exacting Divecrew standards between 6 months and 1 year. You need to be available and assisting on classroom theory, try dives, confined water and open water. We at your induction, will go through all the training requirements.

Divecrew Dive Masters are trained to the highest possible standards (higher than PADI require). Not only will you complete all the usual PADI requirements, you will also learn about delivering the PADI theory. You will deliver lessons under the direct supervision of an instructor. Divecrew provide dry skills work shops, wet workshops, open water workshops and equipment speciality, all free of charge. We also assign a senior instructor as a mentor. This course is unlike any other course you will undertake. You have to manage your own progression. Hence the mentor, to assist you and keep you on track.

Our senior instructors have a decade of real experience on diving expeditions working with scores of veterans who have suffered life changing injuries both physically and mentally. There is no tick in the box mentality at Divecrew. A two day course does not cut it at Divecrew as being Adaptive Instructor.

In addition to all these benefits, there is more! Divecrew is the UK’s only Gold Star Dive Centre (You will soon note that all PADI Centres are 5 Star regardless). Gold Star due to its work with the charity Deptherapy and a decade of working with injured veterans.

Divecrew is multi-agency. We teach PADI, SSI and BSAC Fast Track. Whilst we all blow bubbles underwater there are different techniques one can consider. As a Trainee Dive Master you can work on any course, regardless of agency and improve your breadth of knowledge.

Divecrew is trusted. We teach some of the top schools in the world. A number of which the school approached Divecrew, not the other way around. Working with students who are potentially future business leaders or even prime ministers, needs on the mark, top quality, safe and fun scuba training.

Our Dive Masters, who decide to go on to become instructors, find the transition much easier than some other dive centres. Your skills and demonstrations will be hitting scores of four and five. You will know how to deliver the PADI theory. You will know close control in water. You will know all the paperwork. You will know open skills using a shot line. You will know how to use an RDP and an eRDP. Other candidates will have to learn all of this and then some on the instructor development course.

Generally, our Dive Masters who go on to the Instructor Examination, always score very high marks on independent assessments.

What the price covers:

  • All materials – manual or E-learning. (Subject to the package booked, see below).
  • Exams & Knowledge Reviews with an Instructor to assist with knowledge.
  • Unlimited access to our pools at no charge.
  • Free air for scuba diving and use of school equipment as needed (subject to availability). We want to encourage you to dive.
  • A personal mentor to keep you motivated and on track.
  • Delivery of theory in the classroom under the direct supervision of an instructor.
  • In water demonstrations under the direct supervision of an instructor.
  • Free dry and wet workshops on skills and student control.
  • Free lessons learned update.
  • Free equipment course.
  • Free training on cylinder recharging and assisting in the dive centre.
  • Free access to the classroom at Divecrew anytime and to use the theory resources and library.
  • Free adaptive instruction. Physical and mental challenges for divers.
  • Free Enhanced DBS check if working with schools.
  • Free Adult and Child Safeguarding training.
  • Help and support throughout the whole process.
  • Free uniform depending on the package chosen.


What the price does not cover:

  • Local site entry fees.
  • Travel (Where possible we all trainee dive masters to jump into the dive van to save you fuel costs, but it is a three seater).
  • PADI final Dive Master application fees.
  • Medical fees.


Once your Rescue Skills are assessed, you can apply to join our Elite Rescue Diver Team. We assist on events like the World Tri-athlon and Tough Mudder. Divecrew have provided Rescue Divers for a decade. You are paid by the organising company for your time. If providing cover say for the World Tri-athlon, your fuel expenses and hotel expense are reimbursed. Plus you are paid for two days safety diving.

We are also approached to recover lost rings and phones. Sometimes the visibility is zero.

To join our Elite Rescue Team, your diving and rescue skills have to be very good. You need to be able to deal with and be very comfortable searching in low visibility water. Sometimes finger tip searches in zero visibility.

What a Dive Master can do:

  • Work at your local dive centre, work on live-aboard dive boats, yachts and at exotic resort locations around the world.
  • Assist PADI Instructors with students.
  • Lead certified Divers on guided dive tours.
  • Teach and certify PADI Skin Divers.
  • Teach PADI Discover Snorkelling programs.
  • Conduct PADI ReActivate / Divecrew scuba reviews for certified divers.
  • Teach confined Discover Scuba Diver sessions /Divecrew scuba experiences (after successful completion of DSD training and being signed off).
  • Teach Emergency First Response programs after successful completion of an Emergency First Response Instructor course.

The Dive Master Course Involves:

  • Theory, nine knowledge reviews and a two part final exam.
  • Watermanship (various timed water tests will be explained on enrolment).
  • Skills circuit. (Will be explained)
  • Theory.
  • Confined water.
  • Open Water skills and leading divers.
  • Mapping project.
  • Dive site management.
  • Shop work and looking after and advising clients.
  • Cylinder room – recharging cylinders.
  • Dive logistics.
  • There are also potential bolt on’s subject to the individual and specific requirements, such as: gas mixing (Nitrox) and servicing regulators, BCD’s, dive computers and repairing dry suits.
  • Divecrew are not only looking for candidates with exceptional diving skills, they must be a TEAM player, they must be good with customer care.


The Dive Master Course pre-recquisits:

  • 18 years old
  • 40 logged dives to start and 60 logged dives before completion
  • PADI Advanced Open Water (or equivalent)
  • PADI Rescue Diver (or equivalent)
  • EFR certification within the last 2 years
  • Medically evaluated and cleared for diving by a physician within the last 12 months


    • Contact the dive centre today and we can provide more detailed information to suit your specific needs. Don’t delay; an exciting underwater world is waiting for you. The dive industry needs new dive leaders. 

      Divecrew requires Trainee Dive Masters to have equipment that emulates the students. No wings, no twin sets, no rebreathers.

    • Once qualified and working for Divecrew as a Dive Master, we offer special discount rates on equipment purchases. Also free places on organised trips subject to meeting group requirements. 

    • If you want to turn professional and become a Dive Master, Divecrew is the place to be. Contact us now. 01344 771113

    • First step will be an in store, no obligation meeting. We will make the tea!