Why become a Dive Master? Well it is the first level of being a professional. But it is not just a badge. At Divecrew you will be trained not to Dive Master levels but actually instructor standards. Why? Dive Masters key role is the safety diver for the instructor. As a Master Instructor with thousands of dives, if I need a Dive Master to get me out of trouble underwater, I am in serious trouble. YOU WANT THE BEST. My experience of fast track Dive Masters is one of the majority actually not being that good. Certainly not to work at Divecrew.

The Divecrew Dive Master programme is an internship. You work with real students. No role play. No instructors acting like students. Why? Because some students do things one would never dream of doing.

The Dive Master programme is definitely not a give me. Divecrew expects the highest standards of knowledge, diving skills and customer care. Being a TEAM player is very important. Divecrew supports its trainee Dive Masters all the way. First we assign a senior instructor as a mentor. We provide lots of different resources and information to exceed the knowledge required for a Dive Master. We provide a free Equipment Speciality Course. Why? Because Dive Masters need the skills and knowledge to repair kit off site and provide clients with the very best advice on equipment. Divecrew provides free Master Classes, run by Master Instructors. These classes including confined water, open water and theory. Control, logistics, adaptive teaching, skills and organisation. Divecrew wants its Dive Masters to be the best.

So does it work? YES IT DOES. Those Dive Masters that go on to be instructors find the transition really easy as they have already been expected to be of instructor standard. Our instructor candidates always score very high on PADI Instructor Examinations.

Unlike some dive centres in the UK, we pay our Dive Masters for the courses they work on. We offer a kit discount scheme for active Dive Masters. We pay site entry fees and overnight accommodation for some courses. We have other opportunities such as safety diving where the person is paid. We provide numerous other benefits too. You are never going to be rich, but being a valuable and respected TEAM member, with some income and great fun, you ought to make 2020 your year to turn professional.

Contact Divecrew to arrange a no obligation meeting and learn about being the best. 01344 771113