Divecrew is always up for a challenge. Todays challenge find a lost iphone in a lake! Maximum depth of the search area was 2.2 metres. Silt bottom with a weed layer. Visibility was half a metre! Needed a torch despite brilliant sunshine. Lady paddleboarding dropped the phone, fortuately in a water tight clear case. Used a search pattern and eventually found the iphone. One happy lady as it was still working fine.

Divecrew have had some strange challenges. Another iphone at Dorney Lake – Found. Fouled prop on the river Thames – cleared. Checking entry and exit points for open water simming at various locations in Berkshire and London. Found a rolex. Checking out the bottom of a 20 metre well. Repairing plumbing in a large koi carp pond.

If you have a challenge and you would like Divecrew to attend. Call the A Team. 01344 771113