Part 3: Sarah Richard

Q&A with Sarah Richard

Sarah Richard is the founder of the world’s largest female-only scuba diving group-turned-business, Girls That Scuba. From what started as a small Facebook group of only 100 women, it is now the largest and most influential female scuba community online, amassing an impressive 700,000 followers and members since its beginnings in 2016. The group also has 17 sub-groups including communities such as Mums That Scuba, Girls That Freedive and Girls That Tech Dive, to name but a few.

Last year, Sarah also launched the online shop, A Waste Free World, which is dedicated to encouraging people to live a plastic and waste-free life. This was inspired by the amount of plastic that Sarah and the Girls That Scuba came across on their dives around the world.

Alongside her entrepreneurial ventures, Sarah also owns a successful blog called Coffee With a Slice of Life, which is a travel blog for solo travellers. She uses this to fund her way around the world and offer tips and inspiration to anyone who wishes to see the wonders of life abroad.