Ring, Ring.

Divecrew just loves a challenge. So when the office gets a call, “Can you send a diver to find my ring, lost overboard in the River Thames?” The answer is yes. This beautiful platinum and diamond ring is owned by Lisa. Lisa was unfurling a boat cover, when a giant boat spider crawled over her right hand. She flicked her hand hard to get the spider off. Next almost in slow motion she saw her ring flying through the air. It hit the side of the boat and then plop, into the Thames. She was distraught.

Divecrew currently have a 100% record of finding lost personal belongings, but this was the very first ring. So small. Lost in a silty dock in a marina, about eight feet of water, bottom was silt, blanket weed with a fine layer of silt on the blanket weed. It was not going to easy.

After an initial dive with torches, the visibility was so bad the torches were given up. Visibility was about 6 inches when it was good. As soon as anything moved near the bottom the silt came up.

The underwater metal detector was next. The problem was even laying a search grid down, you could not see the search grid. So the search was conducted by popping to the surface every so often to get a bearing. Underwater, no idea where the diver was in relation to the dock. It was a case of moving just six or so inches and doing a finger tip search.

After a pains taking hour of underwater searching inch by inch, the detector vibrated. Even the bright LED’s could not be seen. A second pass confirmed something was there. Feeling the bottom of the River Thames, it was a lot of blanket weed. However, delving into the blanket weed and a bit of silt, success. The diver could feel a ring.

As soon as it was found the diver popped to the surface to a stunned and very emotional Lisa. Her ring was back.

After tears, it was thanks to the diver and Divecrew maintains its 100% record. As the diver said to ney sayers and Lisa, “Never say, Never!” Divecrew – Different.

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