Are you bit of an air hog? Do you end others dives early? Getting your self stressed? Well this a course for you. Divecrew have mustered years of experience into helping divers with bit of an air problem.

14th March 2020, our Master Instructor is applying all his knowledge and skills to help divers. The course will take place at Divecrew’s four metres deep pool in Aldershot. It will be three hours in water.The course looks at buoyancy, weighting, trim, fin action, air tips, SAC rates, fitness, visualisation, it also includes video analysis.

A recent private client dropped 50% of his weight and as a result his air consumption improved massively!!

If you are a holiday diver this is a course for you. If you are a UK diver this is a course for you. Anyone heavy on air.

You will be given strategies to go away with to work on to improve your air consumption.

No more short dives. No more over weighting. No more stopping others from diving longer.

Call now to book. We have already have a  number of divers booked on to this course. Do not miss out. BOOK NOW. 01344 771113.

£120 for a three hour pool session (4 metres deep) with a Master Instructor.