Little and Often

Our Master Instructor imparts knowledge on various aspects of teaching diving that will help other professionals. At Divecrew the best techniques have either been stolen from different agencies or have evolved through experience of working with many students with various abilities. Our Master Instructors provide free Master Classes for the Divecrew TDM’s, DM’s, AI’s and Instructors. This way Team Teaching is consistent and the latest techniques are used.

Platform use and silt. Lakes with training platforms that have silt bottoms, need diver care with buoyancy. One technique is never take a new student of the platform direct. Get the student to use the platform as a ‘runway’ adjusting their buoyancy before they get to the end of the platform.

Mask skills. The one skill many divers hate. New students can be eased into mask skills by doing them all shallow. Then mid water and then deep water.

DSMB. Deployment underwater can have its own issues for new divers. Having shown on land how to deploy, then demonstrated underwater from a platform, get the student to deploy a ‘restricted’ DSMB. Tie off the DSMB so that even when filled it will not drag the diver up if the diver has an issue. Once the diver masters the technique, use a full DSMB. Then attempt a DSMB deployment hovering above the platform. If time allows and practice is needed the first hovering DSMB deployment can be restricted too.

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