Divecrew Open Water Courses 

Thank you for enquiring about our Open Water Course   

Here at Divecrew we are able to give you a choice of agencies

With all our Open Water courses they start with academics sessions.

You can do these online or at the dive centre here in Crowthorne. There are modular sections with knowledge reviews at the end of each and there will be a final exam at the end.

Even if you do the online theory, you will be asked to come to the dive centre on the first day of the confined water, this is to check your equipment fits and you will learn how to assemble it, we will also go through the safety aspects of the course with you too.

Next you will be in the pool on your confined dives, your instructor will go through all the skills demonstrating each one and helping you through to master them.

Confined water is typically done over two half days approximately three hours each day in the pool.

When you have done all the academics, passed your final exam and mastered the underwater skills in confined water (in a swimming pool) you are now a referral diver this means you can either finish off on a holiday perhaps abroad with us on one of our guided trips or you can finish here with us in the UK . As part of the full open water course we will fit you for a dry suit for your UK diving.

All the equipment needed for this course is included apart from a Mask and Snorkel we believe these are personal equipment and need to be properly fitted, our shop staff will be more than happy to help.