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Equipment Rental

If you are just getting started in Diving, then you may not want to go to the expense of buying your own equipment – yet! So why don’t you think about hiring, either just for a day, or for a longer period to take away for a weekend of on a holiday. NEW this season: BCD’s School regulators and Dry Suits. 

Our rental equipment is ALL NEW THIS SEASON, so it takes the worry away from hiring equipment overseas. Our holiday regulators are Scubapro Mk 17.   

Our rental prices are as follows:

Daily Rental Prices

Scubapro BCD £21.00
Scubapro MK2 or MK17 Regulator Set including SPG £26.00
Weights up to 12 kilo and weight belt £16.00
Drysuit and Undersuit with hose £41.00
Weekend Tank hire including air 10 litre or 12 litre (add £5 for weights) £16.00


Dive Computer new 2017 Zoop £35.00
Booties, fins for semi dry/dry suit open water £30.00
Fuji underwater camera complete pack excluding SD card. (week hire £30) £20.00

Weekly Rates

 Dive Computers Zoop  from £35.00
 BCD’s  from £50.00
 Regulator Set New Scubapro Mark 17   from £55.00
 BCD and Regulator Set New Scubapro Mark 17  from £90.00
 BCD, Regulator and Computer bundle  from £110.00

Give us a call or E-Mail to make a booking:

Tel: 01344 771 113