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shallow dives

Start Diving

The weather is very slowly getting better and the forecast is for warmer temperatures. This is about the time when divers think about getting the kit out of storage and jumping into water.

WAIT. PADI will inform you most diving incidents happen around this time. Some divers literally do just get the equipment out and dive back in. It is not advisable to do this. Firstly your equipment needs to be checked and possibly serviced depending on how it was used and stored. Make sure your regulators are suitable and serviced for cold water. Free flows around this time of year are common place. Make sure you have talked through an remedial action plan with your buddy in case of free flow.

Being out of the water for a few months takes its toll on you too. Think about your fitness levels and about your early return dives. If you have been a winter couch potato you need to think about getting in some physical activity before jumping back into the water. Cardio vascular exercise will help your fitness, breathing and reduce stress levels. Consider some easy shallow dives having checked that all your equipment is fit for purpose. It maybe that a couple of Splash sessions in the pool is good for checking out equipment safely and getting your buoyancy sorted before heading for deeper water. All of these actions will reduce your early stress levels and help to make sure, you are not one of the annual statistics.

Safe diving.