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Working in a dive centre

Many divers think it would be great to actually work in a dive centre, but what is it like? Well first off the benefits, you work with great people and you meet nice people all the time. It is challenging at times but also fun too. It is great to mix with people who are passionate about diving and have common interests. The work is varied, from making gusts cups of tea, to sweeping the floor, filling tanks, filling the van, to eventually teaching.

Divecrew has moved centres and in the time it has taken to renovate the new dive centre, get the bubble centre back on line (air fills),wet room installation, sort the study centre (classroom) out with power etc, not to mention the new store that is about to be erected for open water equipment,  getting in the water or teaching has just not happened.

Working in a dive centre requires adaptability. You have to be able to turn your hand to all manner of tasks. Dive centres are difficult to make money out of therefore, operationally things are kept tight and everyone has to be flexible. We all have a strong points and it is important as a team, to work together complimenting each other to ensure our guests get the very best we can offer.

Working in a dive centre means you never stop learning which is great for the brain especially at my age! Whether at the dive centre or in the water, our guests, especially new divers, have little tricks they play to ensure they keep the pro team on their toes. With some new divers you see some brilliant tricks, for example Mask clearing. Yes, most students dread mask skills. I was teaching a chap in shallow water clearing a fully flooded mask. Having demonstrated it, I asked him to flood and clear the mask. Holding onto his low pressure inflater hose, his mask started to clear, but the strange thing was I could not see air bubbles from his nose???.  Bemused by this I asked to flood it again  and repeat. Getting even closer I watched, still no bubbles and the water started to drop in his mask. Suddenly he stopped and went for the surface. After much coughing and spluttering  I asked if he was okay. He said he could not do it again. Yes he was taking the water up his nose to clear his mask!!

Divecrew facilitates opportunities to work in and around the dive centre. With the new dive centre we open seven days a week and we have some new trainees working the weekends. These guys are also going onto to diver education programmes to eventually become instructors. The Divecrew intern-ship for Dive Master is not for the faint hearted as Divecrew expects instructor qualities from their team. The programme involves working with our training guests and varied instructors on varied courses. It is a great programme that changes divers diving for life.

We always welcome support and assistance at the dive centre as there is always something to do done. If you want to find out more come on in for a coffee/tea and a chat.