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Equipment Servicing

  Scubapro     Apeks Aqualung    Suunto

Deep down you don’t want to trust luck! We make sure your equipment keeps doing what it’s supposed to, when you need it to.

Our prices for in house servicing are inclusive of all service parts, labour, service report and fitting. Totally transparent!

If any parts need replacing (outside of servicing kit contents) we will contact you prior to ordering/fitting with a detailed quotation. You are in control and you decide. Normally a 2 week turnaround time (depending how busy we are). If you need an “Express Service”, please discuss this with us on booking your equipment in.

GET 10% OFF Scubapro, Sub Gear, Aqua Lung and Apeks in house regulator servicing between November ’16 and March ’17.

Regulators – From £84.95

(1st stage, 2nd stage and Octo included in price as is the full service kit and labour)

  • Deep down you don’t want to trust luck. Regulators are your life support system. Shiney on the outside does not mean the insides are good.
  • These ideally need servicing every year to ensure they are in good working condition – more often depending on use
  • We service Scubapro regulators and Aqualung on site with our professional in-house technicians
  • All regulators accepted. We service Apeks, Aqualung and Scubapro on site. Need a fast turnaround talk to us. We have four technicians on site.

BCDs – £50.00

  • Low pressure inflator dismantle and clean
  • Bladder cleanse
  • Dump valve dismantle and cleanse
  • Inflation check with magnahelic. Service report provided.
  • All BCD’s accepted
  • £50.00

Computers – User Changeable £25.00, Non-User Changeable – Suunto D Series £56.00, Suunto Stinger – £61.00, UWatec £89.95

  • User changeable – let us change them so you don’t flood your battery!
  • Non-user changeable includes:
    • New O-Ring seal and lubrication
    • Battery change
    • Pressure test undertaken to check integrity of seals
    • 2016 we are opening our on site depth chamber, your computer will be taken down to 20 metres to check the seal.
  • All Computers accepted

Cylinder Servicing and O2 Cleaning – From £34.00 (dependent on test required)

  • Your diving cylinder needs inspecting and servicing every 2.5 years and O2 cleaned every 15 months
  • Surface use only cylinders are every 5 years
  • This is a regular service we can offer to you in store
  • Prices vary depending on the type of service required

Time limits on servicing items will vary, going away in a hurry?

Let us know! We’re able to turn equipment around very quickly dependent on requirements and workload subject to an additional charge.


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